Mixed Media Canvas x2


Hi :)
I am making my first steps into mixed media :)
I really would like to learn all about products and ways of using it.
I know it will take time and lots of experiment.
One thing I know - I like playing with it :)

It was great fun :) I'll try some more soon :)
Thank you!!

All chipboard elements are from Scrapiniec 

Prima products used:

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7 komentarze

  1. Obydwie piękne! Ten monochromatyczny klimat daje im dużo uroku :)

  2. Шикарная палитра!!!Необыкновенная красота!!!

  3. Przepiękne karteczki i cudne kolorki :)

  4. Prześliczne karteczki w cudownych kolorach :)


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