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Shabby Chic Foamiran Flower Decoration


Hi :)
Since I started to work with foamiran I dreamed about creating shabby chic decoration.
I've seen so many beautiful foamiran flowers online and really
wanted to master this wonderful technique.
I am getting better and better and the more I work with it the more I love it!!!
So here it is me latest creation :)
 If you never tried foamiran, you must give it a go!! I beg you!
I could never make any decent flowers until I discovered foamiran :)

 I have used white foamiran, colored it with gelato for petals, olive green foamiran for leaves.
Foamiran, stamens, moulds, flower centres are available in Foamiran Ireland
Thank you :)
If you would like to share your foamiran flowers with me and many others I invite you to 
join my fb group - Handmade Foamiran Fowers:
If you never heard of foamiran i have a post with basic info HERE
and some video tutorials HERE

Have a lovely weekend!!!

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5 komentarze

  1. Piękne róże, szczególnie zachwyciły mnie pączki :) Wyglądają jak żywe :)

  2. Cudowne kwiaty. Przepiękna dekoracja :)

  3. Och jak Ty ciągle cudnie czarujesz tą piankę :)


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